Mariachi at the New Holmwood Hotel

Last weekend I was DJing at a wedding at the New Holmwood Hotel in Cowes and was lucky enough to see local, mariachi band, Vote Pedro.

What a night! They were amazing. I wasn’t sure what to expect as there has to be a limit to how many Mexican style songs you can listen to. However, the band came on and filled the floor for over an hour with an interesting mix of Britney Spears, Pink Floyd and Erasure. Who’d have thought?

If you haven’t seen them then make sure you look them up. Vote Pedro have played at the Bestival, Eclectica and I heard a rumour that they may be playing at the Isle of Wight Festival next year so keep your ears open for announcements.

The rest of the evening went really well with a lively crowd and a beautiful bride and groom. Congratulations to you both!

Have a look in the gallery for some photos!

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